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Learning that
Elevates Leadership

Consultant to Organizations Aiming to Build Leadership Capacity in All Members and Teams



Soulstice Leadership Consulting is a boutique-style professional learning and training firm

equipping organizations to develop leadership capacity in individual members and teams. Our thought leadership, combined with over two decades of experience in educational administration, change management, and instructional design, enables us to equip current and aspiring leaders to harness the power within to drive organizational effectiveness.

According to the...

Association for Talent Development research, 83% of all organizations have a skills gap which inevitably translates into compromised performance, productivity, and profit. Our work is to close the gaps in your organization by increasing the capacity of your members to lead at high levels. 


  • According to Training Industry, in 2019, businesses that invested in leadership development experienced an ROI of 29% within only three months and an annual ROI of 415%. Simply put, that translates into a return on investment of $4.15 for every $1 spent on training.

  • Gallup  reported that 87% of millennials and 69% of non-millennials rate professional or career growth and development opportunities as necessary.

  • A single poor leader costs an organization an average of $126,000 each year, per Unicorn Labs.

  • The Execu|Search Group reported that 86% of employees would change jobs if the new company provided more professional development opportunities. In addition, 66% of professionals said insufficient support exists for those wishing to take on leadership roles.

the facts


Whether you’re mid-level manager seeking tighter alignment between your team's efforts and company initiatives, or a director navigating your department through large-scale industry shifts, one truth remains central-

the organization’s outcomes will never supersede the leadership capacity of the members within it. 

Individual sparks ignite team fires, and in tandem, set the entire organization ablaze with progress.


We don't wait for leaders to emerge. Our approach is to cultivate leadership in every member, building collective strength from the ground up.



Our mission is to cultivate a dedication to leadership that transcends conventional managerial methods,

prioritizing self-awareness, empathy, and ethical decision-making as fundamental tenets. This stance underscores the significance of harmonizing leadership strategies with individual and organizational beliefs, ultimately fostering a constructive and mission-oriented workplace atmosphere.

The vision is to create a world where leadership is synonymous with authenticity, compassion, and purpose. 

We envision a future where leaders at all levels lead with their hearts, are guided by their values, and are committed to positively impacting the lives of individuals, organizations, and communities. 



Our most profound passion is to curate learning experiences that undergird broader organizational goals and initiatives while leveraging the collective leadership capabilities of the members and teams within it. For learning to be optimal, it must be personal, relevant, and timely. 

We design and deliver highly customizable professional learning experiences aligned to each organization’s identified foci. 


Through a combination of virtual and on-site professional learning options, our goal is to positively impact organizational success by creating an intersection between personal development and professional learning. 

Our current services include:

Workshop Facilitation

1:1 and Group Coaching Sessions

Executive Coaching

Leadership Curriculum Design

Keynote Presentations

transform your organization


 Our SOUL Framework fuses four powerful elements into an unstoppable force for transformative growth. Whether used individually or combined, our elements are adaptable tools for driving client growth. We craft personalized support aligned with your strategic priorities, ensuring optimal learning and lasting impact.


prioritizing personal development and self-awareness of one’s strengths and opportunities for growth as foundational in achieving the greater good of self, the organization, and beyond


understanding how the intricacies of one’s role and professional insight contribute to overreaching team aims and desired organizational outcomes


inspiring individual members and teams to unearth the vast potential required to unlock creativity, innovation, and the full capabilities that underpin organizational goals and initiatives


leaders maximizing their influence while guiding their teams or the organization at large on a path towards achieving goals outlined in strategic plans and initiatives



Our belief is personal growth precedes professional growth- no exceptions.

Since the cost of attracting new talent in any organization far exceeds the investment in developing and coaching existing members, providing leadership support is a long-term strategy that benefits the organization.

Our commitment is to empower each member of your organization to reach their most significant potential, personally and professionally. 

We aim to cultivate a learning environment that creates a lasting impact.

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