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Stefani Morrow is award-winning author, educational trainer and transformational speaker. With more than two decades of experience in educational leadership, she has built a stellar reputation as a champion for change. She harnesses a collective passion for transformation, personal growth, and self- expansion that is evident in her ability to candidly connect with audiences of all sizes, interests, and backgrounds.

“A change in perspective will always yield a change in performance.”


Stefani is the founder of Transformation Living Systems, a Dallas-based personal development and training company committed to instructing high-achieving women in creating the blueprint to make their next bold move in life. This female-driven brand caters to career-driven women, women in leadership, business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs and emerging influencers desiring to do the internal work needed to initiate and sustain real transformation. Stefani’s chief aim is to build women from the inside out through meaningful learning exchanges that result in a fundamental shift in perception, which in turn positively impacts their performance. As a lifelong advocate for academic scholarship, Stefani collaborates and consults with leaders, influencers, and educational experts to drive optimal personal and professional performance for those she serves.

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“My chief aim is helping to build people from the inside out.”

Her impact in public education has extended her reach far beyond the traditional school setting to a plethora of platforms including service as a keynote and conference speaker, presenter, trainer and panelist across the country. Stefani also hosts personal development workshops, live events, and seminars both on and offline designed to appeal to the conscious, progressive modern-day woman. In addition to expanding her personal brand, she consults with school districts and organizations where she develops and delivers highly interactive and customizable professional learning opportunities for educational leaders. Stefani is currently a doctoral student at Abilene Christian University studying Organizational Leadership.

Of all the roles and responsibilities she fulfills daily, Stefani considers the opportunity to be a wife and mother the most impactful and rewarding. She currently resides in Midlothian, Texas with her husband Gene and their two children, Madison and Mason. She believes the time spent creating lasting memories with family and friends will ultimately be her greatest legacy.

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