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Making History in Heels was launched in 2018 as a Dallas-based platform created to celebrate, highlight and honor the accomplishments and achievements of local trailblazers during Women’s History Month. Each year women in business and leadership, professional women, emerging influencers and thriving entrepreneurs are selected as honorees and panelists to emphasize the impact and contributions being made in their respective areas. The signature event is hosted in Dallas, Texas and is committed to providing an exclusive, intimate and impactful experience for attendees.


Making History in Heels has morphed from a one-day live event into a movement that continues to facilitate critical conversations around issues relevant to women from diverse backgrounds beyond the month of March. The platform has extended its reach and in 2019 began to host gatherings throughout the year dubbed History Makers in Heels Meetup in the Dallas area and cities beyond.

MHIH 2018 Highlights

MHIH 2019 Highlights

Save the Date for March 29, 2020 in Dallas, Texas

Stay connected and plan to join us for a History Makers in Heels Meetup in your area. 

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