Making History in Heels was launched in 2018 as a Dallas-based platform created to celebrate, highlight and honor the accomplishments and achievements of local trailblazers during Women’s History Month. Each year women in business and leadership, career-driven women, emerging influencers and thriving entrepreneurs are selected as honorees and celebrated for the impact and contributions being made in their respective areas. This premier networking and net-connecting event will be March 29, 2020 in Arlington, Texas. Make plans to join us for an intimate afternoon filled with authentic empowerment and powerful exchanges between the city’s most influential women.

Making History in Heels has morphed from a one-day live event into a movement that continues to facilitate critical conversations around issues relevant to women from diverse backgrounds beyond the month of March. The platform has extended its reach and in 2019 began to host quarterly meetups throughout the year to provide conversation, connection and community to women seeking to place themselves in growth environments.





Our 3 Guiding Principles


There are countless issues facing the modern-day woman ranging from showing up confidently in the marketplace as a new entrepreneur to seeking harmony in life as a working wife and mom. Regardless of where women might find themselves on their journey, our aim is to create a truly safe space to facilitate solution-oriented conversations around some of today’s most critical and pressing issues.

“Deep conversations with people are priceless.”  -Unknown


While we are all uniquely made, we are actually alike in more ways than which we differ. Being able to see versions of ourselves and our stories in each other ushers in feelings of deep connection.  Meaningful dialogue creates organic opportunities to connect in ways that ultimately lead to personal and professional growth and development.

“The most important things in life are the connections you make with others.” -Tom Ford

Every aspect of our lives can be enriched in community. Sharing time and space with among those with similar goals, interests and values can definitely help us to thrive in our endeavors. Our interdependent nature as human beings makes community our natural, most productive state.


“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about. “ - Margaret J. Wheatley


Meet the Founder

Stefani Morrow

Educator- Trainer- Speaker- Author

Stefani is the founder of Transformation Living Systems, a Dallas-based personal development and training company committed to instructing high-achieving women in creating the blueprint to make their next bold move in life. This female-driven brand caters to career-driven women, women in leadership, business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs and emerging influencers desiring to do the internal work needed to initiate and sustain real transformation. Stefani’s chief aim is to build women from the inside out through meaningful learning exchanges that result in a fundamental shift in perception, which in turn positively impacts their performance. As a lifelong advocate for academic scholarship, Stefani collaborates and consults with leaders, influencers, and educational experts to drive optimal personal and professional performance for those she serves.




This event has been designed for women looking to:


connect with other high-achieving women in a safe space

gain access to resources for personal and professional growth

elevate their current vision in 2020

Keynote Speaker


Dr. Cheryl Wood

International Speaker • Published Author

Empowerment Champion

2020 Honorees

Past Honorees

Tamara Bond 2019
Stefani (1)
Shanneca Weatherall2019
Michelle Ezell 2019
Kayla Tucker Adams 2019
Judge Aiesha Redmond 2018
Karen KJ Johnson 2019
Past Honoree
Dr. Regina Spellmon 2018
Tamara Bond 2019
Stefani (1)
Shanneca Weatherall2019
Michelle Ezell 2019
Kayla Tucker Adams 2019
Judge Aiesha Redmond 2018
Karen KJ Johnson 2019
Past Honoree
Dr. Regina Spellmon 2018

Nominate a History Maker in Heels 2020

If you'd like to nominate a woman, please take a moment to answer the following questions.

MHIH 2019 Highlights

MHIH 2018 Highlights


"I just recently moved to Dallas and have been trying to connect with Godly women who are empowering. Well, Making History in Heels was just that! I had an amazing time meeting so many like-minded women. Stefani is truly a gem! She is on to something with her mission and I am just ecstatic to have been a part of it!"

Tiffany Loggins

"Making History in Heels was beyond my expectations! Thank you Stefani for an amazing event!"

Krys Smith

"Making History in Heels was amazing! There were several eye-opening moments for me during the conversation piece. I had the opportunity to connect with new faces! Thanks for creating these much needed spaces for women in business Stefani!"

Pamela McDade


March 29, 2020   •    Arlington, TX

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